We're also offering a free API so you can query your DNS records within your own applications. Requests are not rate limited.

We have just one endpoint, here's an example:

GET https://dns.oxro.io/api?host=oxro.io&type=a

Query Params

Query Explaination
host Hostname or IP you wish to be queried.
type The type of record you want queried. See supported types for a list.

Supported Types

Type Explaination
A A hostname's A record(s) - pointing to an IPv4 address.
AAAA A hostname's AAAA record(s) - pointing to an IPv6 address.
MX A hostname's SMTP server - used to route outgoing emails to an email server.
PTR An IP's reverse DNS record (pointing to a hostname/domain).
SRV A hostname's location record, similar to MX but for other protocols.
CNAME A hostname's alias (pointing) to another hostname
TXT A hostname's readable data
NS A hostname's name server(s).
CAA A hostname's Certification Authority Authorization record.
SOA A hostname's start of authority record - providing a selection of details.
HINFO A hostname's/IP host information (regarding the server).

Got any questions/problems? Send us an email at [email protected]